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After entirely too many delays, the Pony Creator iOS app is available for purchase!

Get it here from the iTunes store!!!

(If you can't follow that link, it's easiest to find if you search for "pony creator" with the quotation marks. Without them it doesn't show up in the results yet. Or you can search for my full name to find my developer profile: Haley Reeve)

Like the Android version, it costs $0.99. The app currently has all the same content as v3 of the online game, but does not support fully customizable posing right now. However, I'm currently working with some artists to add new content like manes and accessories, plus new features like cutie marks and possibly having more than one pony on screen. All of these updates will be exclusive to the apps! If the app does well enough, I'll also do my best to add the customizable posing. (This is a difficult feature to implement on mobile devices, which is why I haven't been able to do it yet.)

In fact, the Android version recently got an update to allow the import and editing of custom cutie marks. I'm still working on the best way to incorporate this feature into the iOS version, but it will be available soon. Anything you can do to support me is greatly appreciated! Developing the app and hiring the artists costs money, so how much new content I can add will depend on how well the iOS version does.

Thank you all for your patience and your continued support. :)

ETA: If you do download the app and have any problems with it, feel free to contact me here! It's much easier to talk on dA than through the App Store reviews since we can do a proper back and forth.
Pony Creator v3 by generalzoi
Pony Creator v3
The Pony Creator is availabe for Android in the Google Play Store. Click here!

Here's the Ponycode Compilation Post for this game. Post your ponycodes there to share!


- Don't sell images from the game.

- Don't post the game to any other sites.

- Crediting me for your images is
not required, but remember that whether you credit me or not you can't sell them.
Okay so I didn't intend for the Pony Creator to be down this long. I've been waiting on the dA staff to take care of some stuff on the back end, and they just aren't. So at this point I've given up waiting and I'll be reuploading v3 sometime this weekend. For those of you who have been patient and encouraging: You're awesome.
So it's been a bit over a week since I took down v3. Here's how the experience has been from my perspective.

Me two weeks ago: "Man, I just learned about yet another person who stole the Pony Creator so they could slap a bunch of ads over it. I'm just so angry and frustrated. I worked hard on the game and made it available for free without ads online, but greedy assholes keep stealing it so they can make money off my hard work. This is making me feel super terrible, and I'm tired of feeling terrible every time I think about the Pony Creator. It was a good game, and I should feel proud of it. I'm going to try to do something about it! Yeah!"

Most of the internet: "Where's v3???? Just put it back up!! Who cares about thieves? You're being selfish! Get over yourself!"

Me now: "...Wow."

A very large reason why I just gave up on improving the Pony Creator is because I really do have an instinctive stress response when I so much as think about it these days. Between the semi-constant demands people put on me for new features even though I was working as hard as I could, the regular threat of theft, the small contingent of people who love to tell me to this day that I singlehanded ruined the fandom with the game, and my own personal frustration over certain problems I couldn't figure out, I just burnt out. And that really does suck more than I can say. Your personal reaction to an awesome thing you made, the thing you're single best known for, shouldn't be instinctive fear and cringing because of all the stress involved. I hated feeling like that. So I decided to take some steps to make myself feel more empowered. To try and make myself feel better.

And for about 48 hours, it worked great! Some sketchy sites who were hosting the game without my permission took it down. I started looking into how to make the game file more secure. I was even inspired for the first time in ages on how to improve the existing game. Make it less buggy and more efficient. Maybe while I was working on it I could try and figure out how to add a new feature or two people had been requesting for years. I booted up Flash and started working again. I had trouble falling asleep at night because my mind was racing with ideas I wanted to program.

Then the comments started rolling in more heavily. I do have some wonderful commenters who understood the situation and were very supportive. Y'all are great, and I do appreciate you. I really have gotten some very nice messages. But a lot were angry, and at least very vehement in their despair that the game was unavailable. I got called some names a couple times. (Only a couple. It definitely wasn't a widespread thing. But it still stings.) Honestly, even the many, many comments that were just, "Where's v3????" upset me, because what that kind of comment means is, "I totally want to take advantage of the work you put in for years on this game, but I won't give you a few seconds of my time to read the explanation you specifically wrote out." Most of these comments are on the journal entry itself. And then are a lot are just, "Put v3 back up!" which I guess means, "I did read your explanation, but I don't care. My right to play your game and give you nothing in return trumps whatever you think about your own game."

Guys. I'm a human being. And a really sad, worn out one at this point. If I make the game for the fans, and this is how most of the fans behave, then...well, I can definitely say I'm not inspired or excited anymore.

At this point I don't know what the future of the Pony Creator is. I'm sure I'll calm down with a little more time. After all, this kind of stuff is literally built into my subconscious reaction to the Pony Creator at this point. I was trying to deal with that, and ended up just bringing even more down on myself. I guess that's just the way it is.

I'm going to try to keep working on the game today. Maybe it'll make me feel better to accomplish something. I'm also working with some sites that had been hosting the game without my permission to host legitimate versions of the game with less ads, because ads are something I never intended my users to deal with. But I'm going to be working a bit more slowly than intended, and probably won't accomplish everything I thought I might do just a few days ago. Please, I'm just asking for a little time and patience.
ETA: Please do read the journal entry below. But know that I'm looking into some options to try and make it harder for other sites to take the game, and if I can get that resolved I will restore v3. I just want it to be unavailable until I figure that out so other people can't grab it.

Logging in for the first time in a while. Just wanted to give a heads up that for legal reasons I'm going to be removing the Pony Creator v3 and the original Beta of the game from my gallery. The legal reasons don't have anything to do with Hasbro. The games just get stolen a lot, and I'm tired of sending out DCMA takedown requests about it.

However, the Full Version of the game will remain here and elsewhere for people to continue using as much as they want. I promise that one will always be available.

In other news, I plan on working on the very long delayed iOS version of the Pony Creator app, since that's still something people ask about and I have some better tools at my disposal now. I can't give a timeline yet, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to finish it this time.

Also, I remain a woman. People still seem a bit confused on that point.


United States

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Is there any way i can get the Pony Creator free? Or if not, is there anything u would recomend that is free?
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If you want the Pony Creator, buy the Pony Creator. If you want a free app, do a search for free apps and get one of those. You can't get the functionality of the Pony Creator in a free app, so it doesn't really matter which one you get.
Vinyl-and-Tavi Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Well I'm only 17 and dont have a debit/credit card or checking account so i dont exactly have the digital funds to buy it and i dont want my mom to know I'm a brony
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It'll still be around when you're 18.
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Hai, i played PC V3, but i was wondering, why cant i add any cutiemarks anymore ;-;
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Hi I played your Pony Creator V3. But I got one Question: Where did you get the Flowers on the Accesories?
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