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Hey guys, I just recently realized that the mechanism to request refunds for the Pony Creator through Google Play is still in place even though the app was taken down. So if you previously purchased it but can't install it anymore, feel free to request a refund and I'll process it as quickly as possible.

To request a refund:
1. Go to
2. Find and click on the Pony Creator purchase.
3. The purchase information will open up on the right side of the screen. Near the bottom should be a link that says "Contact GeneralZoi" or something like that.
4. Click that link to get taken to a contact page.
5. Under the "Choose request type" dropdown, select "I'd like to request a refund or return an item."
6. Click Send!

That's the easiest way for me to process the refunds, since once I get the request I just have to press a button to make it go through. Hopefully this will help anyone who got a new device and lost access to the game.

Also, the app is still available for Android on the Amazon app store at this link:…. Honestly I kind of forgot about it because I've sold so few copies from Amazon. But if you still want it you can get it from there, or by opening the Amazon app on your device and searching for "Pony Creator" in Apps & Games. Note that you will need to purchase it again since it's a separate sale from the Google Play version. But if you've already bought it, just go through the refund process above and I'll refund your money so you're not paying for it twice.

I hope this helps some people who still want to use the app. Thanks for all your patience, and let me know if anything's not working or something above is wrong. Thanks!
ETA 7/19/2016: The Pony Creator is still available in the Amazon App Store here. See my latest journal entry for info about it and about getting a refund for the Google Play version of the game if you want one.
As a number of you have noticed, the Pony Creator Android version was removed from the Google Play store. This was for violating their impersonation policy. As far as I can tell what this means is that nothing in the Pony Creator was a strict copyright violation, since it wasn't removed for a copyright violation, but because a lot of people kept associating it with the MLP show it was removed because it wasn't an official app. Unfortunately Google didn't tell me exactly what part of the app would have to be changed to make it compliant with their policies. Turns out developer are actually barred from asking for specific details of why apps are removed and what needs to be changed.

I may update the app and try to resubmit it, or I may not. I'm not sure how I feel about it at this point. Mostly because I found out piracy is a huge problem on Android as well as online, and from the investigations I've done I may have lost up to 80% of my sales to pirates. That kind of takes the wind out of a girl's sails.

Unfortunately what this means is that if you purchased the Android app and get a new device, you won't be able to reinstall it from the Google Play store. I'm pretty pissed about that too, but that's just how Google's policies work. It's not something I have any control over.

The online version will stay up for anyone who wants to use it, and the iOS version is still available. As for the rest, I'm going to have a long think about it, and we'll see. I'm feeling a bit beat down at the moment. It may be time to move on to something else.
After entirely too many delays, the Pony Creator iOS app is available for purchase!

Get it here from the iTunes store!!!

(If you can't follow that link, it's easiest to find if you search for "pony creator" with the quotation marks. Without them it doesn't show up in the results yet. Or you can search for my full name to find my developer profile: Haley Reeve)

Like the Android version, it costs $0.99. The app currently has all the same content as v3 of the online game, but does not support fully customizable posing right now. However, I'm currently working with some artists to add new content like manes and accessories, plus new features like cutie marks and possibly having more than one pony on screen. All of these updates will be exclusive to the apps! If the app does well enough, I'll also do my best to add the customizable posing. (This is a difficult feature to implement on mobile devices, which is why I haven't been able to do it yet.)

In fact, the Android version recently got an update to allow the import and editing of custom cutie marks. I'm still working on the best way to incorporate this feature into the iOS version, but it will be available soon. Anything you can do to support me is greatly appreciated! Developing the app and hiring the artists costs money, so how much new content I can add will depend on how well the iOS version does.

Thank you all for your patience and your continued support. :)

ETA: If you do download the app and have any problems with it, feel free to contact me here! It's much easier to talk on dA than through the App Store reviews since we can do a proper back and forth.


United States

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