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Summary: Three years after the events of the movie, Astrid makes a choice.

Tuffnut, as he had been doing a lot these days, popped up out of seemingly nowhere.  "Hey Hiccup," he said.

"Hey, Tuff," Hiccup replied, barely wincing at all.

Tuffnut leaned casually against a nearby wall.  "So I was thinking of going fishing later.  You should come."

"Should I?" Hiccup asked, looking at the shops around them for some kind of distraction.

"Yeah.  It should be fun."  Tuffnut's eyes briefly tracked up and down Hiccup's body.  "Maybe we could go swimming."

Sweet Thor.  "Um..."

"Hey guys!" Snotlout called as he walked up.

"Lout, hey!  Hey man, what's up?" Hiccup said in relief as Tuffnut scowled.

"Not too much," Snotlout said, looking back and forth between them.  "What're you guys up to?"

"We're going fishing," Tuff said.

Hiccup looked at him sharply.  "I never actually agreed to that."

"Cool.  Can I come?"

Hiccup shrugged.  "I guess --"


"...not."  Hiccup and Snotlout both looked at Tuffnut in confusion, then at each other.

"What's your problem, man?" Lout asked.

Tuffnut scowled deeper.  "Go find your own thing to do.  Me and Hiccup are bonding."

Snotlout looked at Hiccup again.  Hiccup shrugged helplessly and tried to keep his face neutral.  "Uh, why?" Lout asked Tuff.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Hiccup said quickly.  "Maybe we can make a trip of it.  Let's find Fishlegs --"

"Fine, whatever!  Go have fun!  See if I care!  Ruining my trip..." Tuffnut stalked off, still muttering to himself.

Snotlout and Hiccup watched him go.  "He's my bud and all," Snotlout said, "but that guy is crazy."

"Yeah," Hiccup said.  "H-he's...yeah."

"You still want to go fishing?"

"No, not really."

"Me either."  Snotlout sent one more confused look in the direction Tuffnut had disappeared, then began walking away.  "See you around, Hiccup."

"See you," Hiccup said, and sighed.

It's not that he minded the attention, exactly, even though it was from a rather unexpected source.  Although it made a weird sort of sense.  The twins were wild, and impulsive, and it was widely known there was nothing (and no one) they wouldn't do.  But just because Tuffnut was willing to leap headfirst into any new experience didn't mean Hiccup was, and seriously, he had just broken up with Astrid.  Or been broken up with, whatever.

So yeah, not ready for any kind of new relationship, even if he liked guys, which he was pretty sure he didn't.  After all, wouldn't it have come up before now?  Although as far as the guys in the village went, Tuff wasn't bad...

Dammit, he had to stop thinking like that.

Hiccup scrubbed his face with his hands, because now that Tuffnut and Astrid had brought it up, he couldn't not think about it.  The only person he had been with was Astrid, and they had been together for a long time.  Maybe he didn't really know what he liked, because he was obviously considering it.  Maybe he was just thinking too much about it.  Tuffnut's intentions were pretty clear -- he never could keep anything off his face -- but it didn't have to become a...thing.  Tuff had the attention span of a fly most of the time anyway.  He remembered what Astrid had said about a rebound.  Well, that was one way to satisfy his curiosity.  If he were curious.  Which he may or may not be.


Maybe he should just get it out of his system.  That couldn't hurt anything, right?  It was no big deal.  He was just considering a tryst with another man after dating a woman for three years.  That was...not normal at all.

Seriously, just dammit.

"Is he gone?" Tuffnut suddenly asked.

Hiccup almost jumped out of his skin.  "Geez, Tuff!  How did -- where did you come from?"

Tuffnut shrugged.  "Around.  So, you ready to go?"

Hiccup looked skyward.  "I never agreed to that."

"So I'm asking you.  You ready to go?"

Hiccup gave him a shrewd look.  "You're up to something.  I know you are."

"No duh, Hiccup," Tuffnut said.  "I'm not really subtle."

Hiccup blinked, then tried to bite back a smile.  Apparently even Tuffnut had his moments of self-awareness.  "You don't ask much," he pointed out.  "You kind of assume a lot."

"I'm asking now," Tuff said, and gave him a winning smile.

"Yeah, you are."  Hiccup breathed in deeply, then looked skyward again.  After a moment he looked back at Tuffnut and said, "All right."

"All right, fishing?"

"All right...something.  Your something.  All right."

Tuffnut beamed, and Hiccup tried to convince himself that there was no reason to be nervous.


Astrid sat on Valkyrie's back, watching the path from the village intently.  Toothless prowled restlessly around them.  "He'll be here soon," she said to the Night Fury, but it wasn't like Hiccup to be late.

Toothless suddenly looked up and bounded forward, and Astrid saw the young man in question shambling towards them, looking distinctly disheveled.  Toothless sniffed at him curiously, then reared back.

"Hey," Hiccup said vaguely as he came to a stop in front of Astrid and Valkyrie.

Astrid's jaw dropped as she looked at him.  His hair was sticking out at odd angles, his shirt had been ripped completely open in the front, and for some reason he was barefoot.  Suddenly it clicked.  "Great Odin, you went to see Tuff."

"Yes."  Hiccup looked down at himself, then looked back at Astrid.  "Yes."

"Well," she said, impressed, "good for you.  Looks like he moves pretty fast."

"Oh, no.  I mean yes, really, really yes.  But this," he gestured to himself, "is about as far as we got before I, you know, ran."

"What happened?  Is everything all right?" she asked in concern.

"Nothing happened.  I mean, nothing...bad, I guess.  Just unexpected."  He sighed.  "So I haven't really had a whole lot of spontaneous sexual encounters with random people."

Astrid's eyebrows lifted.  "I probably would have noticed that."

"Right.  But I thought, you know, I'll give it a shot.  And it turns out that's just not my thing, apparently.  Now I know."  Toothless nudged him gently, and he rested a hand on the dragon's neck.  "Hence the bolting."

She winced.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't know he'd be like that, but I probably should have guessed."

"It's all right," Hiccup said, running his hand through his hair.  "Like I said, now I know."

Astrid took another good look at him and shook her head.  "You look ridiculous."

Hiccup looked down and grimaced.  He slipped off the tattered remains of the shirt and tossed it to the side before sinking down against a nearby wall.  Astrid dismounted and sat beside him, while Toothless curled up on the other side.  "Can I ask you a question?" she said.

"Sure, why not?"

She hesitated, then asked, "Was is Tuff, or just the, um, method you weren't really into?"

"I-I don't really know.  Yet," Hiccup said, rubbing his face.  "I went with him, so there's that."

"That's all right," Astrid said.  "Take all the time you need."

Hiccup gave a wry chuckle.  "If he'll let me."  He sighed.  "Well, enough of my sexual misadventures," he said, and looked at Astrid.  "How have you been doing?"

Any hint of amusement or contentment instantly vanished from Astrid's face, and Hiccup's shoulders slumped in sympathy.  "I don't know," she said carefully.  "I haven't seen Ruff, but..."  Ruffnut had been true to her word, at least.  Astrid hadn't seen a trace of her since their talk.  She had hoped that not having to deal with Ruff on a regular basis might help her put the other girl out of her mind, but the opposite seemed to be true.  Now that she didn't know what Ruffnut was doing, she spent almost all of her time imagining it.  Did Ruffnut miss her?  Did she think about her?  Or was she angry at everything Astrid had asked of her that she didn't want to do, and didn't want to see her anyway?

"'s not getting better," she finally finished.

"It hasn't been that long," Hiccup said.  "Like you said, take all the time you need."

Astrid blew out a frustrated breath, because it already felt like it had been much too long.  She still flinched every time someone so much as mentioned Ruff.  It was, honestly, ridiculous.  She still felt off-balance and, worst of all, weak.  Astrid was not weak.  She was one of the strongest women in the village, and she knew that.  So why did she spend so much of her time feeling like one wrong word or gesture would completely dismantle her?  Hel, even now, just thinking about Ruff, she could feel the very beginning of tears pricking the corners of her eyes.  It felt wrong and strange, and she didn't know how to deal with it.  Hiccup had never made her feel weak.  He had made her feel happy and inspired and angry and even occasionally excited, but never weak.  She had no reference for this.

"I just want it to be over," she said.  "It's already over, and I just don't want to deal with it anymore."

"I know," Hiccup said quietly.  "If there's anything I can do, let me know."

"You do enough," she said, leaning her head against his shoulder.


"Hey Astrid," Tuffnut said, and Astrid stiffened at the voice.  But a quick glance showed Ruffnut was nowhere to be seen, and she relaxed.  "Have you seen Hiccup?"

Astrid finished pouring the water into the trough and looked at him.  "Yes, and he's avoiding you, so give it a rest."

Tuffnut pouted.  "Aw, why?"

She rolled her eyes.  Tuff really was clueless, but following the drama between him and Hiccup was one of the best distractions she had.  "Because you tried to molest him."

Tuffnut shrugged.  "I thought he was up for it."

"Obviously not."

"Yeah, no kidding."

Astrid sighed and put her bucket down.  "Tuff, I really have to wonder what you're thinking with this," she said.

"When do I ever think about things?" he replied.

"Seriously."  She gave him a stern look, because she wasn't playing around now.  "Why Hiccup all of the sudden?"

"Aw Hel, Astrid, why do I do anything?" he said, spreading his hands in front of him.  "It just seems like fun.  He's a cool guy, and he's available, and I like hanging out with him.  He's kinda cute too, which doesn't hurt."

"Nice to know your standards are so high."  Tuffnut grinned at her, and she shook her head.  "So you're serious about this."

"As serious as I am about anything."

"All right."  She leaned back against the fence and locked eyes with him.  "Then here's some advice: you need to back off.  Way off.  Hiccup's not the kind of guy you can just throw into bed."

"You tried that?" Tuffnut asked, looking curious.

"I was a little more subtle.  Hiccup needs to be..."

"Tied up?"

Astrid glared at him.  "Wooed."

"I like my idea better."  He rubbed his chin.  "So I freaked him out a little bit."

"Little bit," Astrid said, holding her thumb and index finger a smidgen apart.  "You might want to give him a day or two."

"Hm.  All right, I can do that.  I can be smooth." She looked at him, and he said, "I'm like a major operator, you don't even know.  I'm super smooth."

Astrid wasn't sure of that at all, but she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.  "Well, good luck with that.  I hope it works out."

He cocked his head and looked at her.  "Huh.  You really serious about that?"  Before she could answer, he said, "You are, aren't you?  You really are."  He gave her a wide smile.  "You're pretty cool, Astrid."

Astrid ducked her head as a pleased smile crossed her face.  "I try."

"Well, I'm gonna go practice my wooing," Tuffnut said, clapping his hands together.  "Wish me luck!"

"I just did."

"Oh right.  Bye!"  And then he was off.

Astrid shook her head.  "Hiccup, you are doomed," she muttered to herself.


A couple days later, on the way to dinner, Hiccup once again heard, "Hey Hiccup!"

He sighed.  "Be nice," Astrid whispered, leaning in close and briefly touching his elbow.  "I think he's going to behave now."

"What makes you think that?" Hiccup whispered back as they turned around.  Astrid opened her mouth to answer, then flinched as though she had been struck.  Hiccup looked up to see a smiling Tuffnut standing in front of them, and behind him a scowling Ruffnut.

He glanced from Astrid, who had gone rather pale, to Ruffnut, who had locked glowering eyes on the other girl.  Then Ruff looked at him and her expression went from put out to fully pissed off, although he didn't know what he was supposed to have done.

Tuff barely even seemed to notice the girls at all.  His eyes were locked on Hiccup, and he said, "You going to dinner?"

Oh, no.  There was no way Tuff could think this was a good idea.  But he was giving Hiccup a happily oblivious grin, and Hiccup didn't want to say anything that might set off Astrid or Ruff.  "We are," he said hesitantly, "but..."

"Well look at this!"  Snotlout walked up, with Fishlegs close behind.  "Man, this is great.  I was just tellin' Legs it's been too long since we all got together, and here we are!  It's like fate or something.  Come on, let's get to the Hall before the good meat is gone."

"Actually," Hiccup said, "Astrid and I were --"

"Ah, you and Astrid can wait an hour!" Snotlout said, slinging an arm each around Hiccup's and Tuffnut's shoulders and leading them towards the Great Hall.  "Gotta make time for your buds too, man."

Hiccup tried to turn his head to look for Astrid, but he didn't have to.  She suddenly appeared next to him, walking so close they were almost bumping into each other and keeping her eyes resolutely forward.  Now Hiccup really couldn't say anything, but he reached out and briefly tangled their fingers together, hoping it might help a little.  Astrid squeezed his fingers and shot him a small, grateful smile, then dropped his hand.  Hiccup pressed his lips together and looked to the side.  Tuffnut was watching their interaction curiously.  He caught Hiccup's eyes and glanced backwards at Ruff, then grimaced and mouthed, 'Oops.'

Yeah, Hiccup was pretty sure 'Oops' didn't begin to cover it.

Dinner was about as awkward as he could have imagined.  Neither Astrid nor Ruffnut said a word.  Astrid spent most of the time pushing her food around, while Ruff attacked the meat and bread so viciously it seemed like the plate would shatter under the force.  Fishlegs gamely made some attempts at conversation early on, but he soon seemed affected by the general atmosphere, and clammed up.  Snotlout, of course, charged ahead regardless, but Tuffnut was ignoring him in favor of Hiccup, which meant Hiccup was left trying to hold up half of two different conversations.

"Do you still want to do those drills later this week, Tuff?" Snotlout asked.

Tuffnut ignored him.  "Hey, you know what I've been curious about?" he said to Hiccup.  "How the forge works.  You should show me some time."

"It gets really hot and melts things," Hiccup said.

"Tuff, man, I'm talking to you," Snotlout said.  "What's your problem?"

"Uh, hey, Fishlegs, it's about time for the new clutches to start showing up, right?" Hiccup asked.  "Were you planning on studying them this year?"

Fishlegs perked up and opened his mouth.  Then Ruffnut slammed her tankard on the table hard enough to rattle it, and Fishlegs flinched and scooted further away from her, apparently deciding silence was the safer route.  Hiccup couldn't really blame him.

Snotlout leaned back and took a good look at everyone, realization dawning on his face.  "What the Hel's going on here?" he asked.  "What's everyone's problem?"

"Maybe you're the fucking problem, ever think of that?" Ruffnut snapped.

"Ruff!" Astrid cried.

"What?"  Ruffnut slammed her hands down on the table and glared at Astrid, who sat as though frozen.  For several long seconds there was deathly silence, then Ruff abruptly stood and stalked away.  Tuffnut glanced quickly at the shocked faces around the table, then jumped up and followed his sister.

"Astrid..." Hiccup said, turning to look at her.

She pushed her plate away and stood up, mumbling, "I'm not hungry anymore."  Hiccup made to stand, but she pushed him down.  "I'll see you tomorrow," she said quietly, and hurried away.

Hiccup clenched his fist around his knife, and turned back to see Snotlout and Fishlegs staring at him.  "Is everything okay?" Fishlegs asked tentatively.

"No," he said.  "It's really, really not."

"Care to explain any of that?" Snotlout added, scowling.

"I can't, Lout.  Just, trust me on this."

"Great.  Whatever.  Everyone's gone freakin' crazy, and we don't know shit."  He stood.  "I'm gonna go work out and try to forget this mess.  You guys are on your own."

Hiccup sighed as Lout walked away, then gave up and put his head down on the table.  "Sorry about this, Legs," he mumbled.

"That's all right," Fishlegs said gently.  "I guess Astrid and Ruffnut are fighting, huh?"

Hiccup couldn't help a bitter smile.  "You have no idea."


"Ruff, wait up!" Tuffnut called.

"Fuck you!" she snarled, but she stopped walking.

Tuffnut slowed to a halt a few feet behind her.  "You gonna tell me what that was about?"

"You know what it was about," she said.

"Naw, I only know what you tell me.  And I know you haven't been happy, but I thought you were going to kill someone in there."

Ruffnut began pacing back and forth in front of Tuff, using long, quick strides that radiated tension.  "Astrid doesn't want to see me anymore."

"Got that."

"But she's still fucking ALL OVER Hiccup -- she said they broke up!"

"They did."  Tuffnut looked at her with some concern.  "I think they're just friends.  I mean, they have to be pretty close after all that time, right?"

"That's not normal."

"I don't think any of us qualify as normal, Ruff."

"It's bullshit.  She can't see me because I don't want to be all lovey-dovey, but she supposedly does the same thing to Hiccup and all of a sudden they're best friends?  Bullshit."

"What do you care?" Tuffnut asked.  "She told you she liked women, didn't she?"

Ruffnut scoffed.  "Hiccup hardly counts as a man."

"Hey!" he snapped.  "Look, it sucks for you, yeah, but you don't get to take it out on everyone else."

"It's just not fair, that she doesn't want to see me, so she spends all her time with Hiccup instead!  You know they're not just friends."

"Ruff, Astrid isn't interested in Hiccup.  Really.  Hel, if she was, why's she been giving me advice on how to get him?"

Ruffnut stopped and whirled to face her brother.  "What?" she said.  "What?  You have got to be -- when did this happen?  And why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm telling you now," he said with a shrug.  "Look, she's really not with Hiccup, so chill out."

"I don't care about Hiccup, I just..."  She ran her fingers though her hair in agitation.  "Gods, what does it even matter?  She doesn't want to see me.  She..."  She pressed her lips into a thin line, then turned and began walking quickly away.  "I'm going for a flight."

"Okay," Tuff said, trotting after her.  "You want company?"

"No," she snapped.  Then she abruptly stopped, and said, "Yes."

"All right," Tuffnut said soothingly, slipping an arm around her shoulders.  "Let's go fly."
I realized about halfway though the first scene that if I followed typical fanfic rules, I didn't actually have to justify Hiccup's feelings. He could just be gay now! But that's not how I roll (even though it'd be a lot easier - I have a lot of trouble with emotions and relationships that don't involve women).

I'm trying to make the Tuffcup believable without having to delve into it nearly as deeply as I am for the girls, because if I had to do two of those at once I might just jump off a bridge. Tuffnut is my relief in this fic. I don't have to think to hard about him because he doesn't think too hard about himself.

Man, I'm rambling. Oh well, no reason to stop now! I also don't think the twins have as confrontational a relationship as one might think. They fight brutally and often, but they also finish each other's sentences and hang out together, and near the beginning of the movie you can see Ruff casually leaning on Tuff's shoulder, which is exactly what I used to do to my brother before he suddenly became a giant. I like seeing them be supportive of each other.

tl;dr. I think about these things way too much, guys.

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Into the Forest - a Ruffstrid prequel
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I'm glad I seem to be handling it well. I have to approach it differently than the Ruffstrid because I've already established years of history between the girls, whereas the Tuffcup is still very new. I was worried it'd be weaker for it, but it looks like it's coming across. :aww:
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I think my enjoyment of this has a lot to do with the kinds of stories I like and am interested in, also. I like character driven stories, rather than ones that just have to do with action or events, and you have a fantastic way of delving into personalities and issues that's both engaging, interesting and honest. Everyone's confused, but everyone has a right to be. I love it! Keep it up! XD
generalzoi Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
I have a similar problem to Hiccup, in that I can't not think about why everything is the way it is. I think it's a good thing. There are probably hundreds of little details I've thought up about these characters that will never actually come up in writing, but because I know them it allows me to write deeper characterizations. But I can't count the number of times I've spent thinking about and explaining one little detail in my head, only to finally stop and go, "No one's going to notice that, why even mention it?" Not that Hiccup liking men is a little detail, but so you know that's how my mind works.

It's a good thing you like character driven stories, because I'm not nearly as good as plot driven ones ^^;. I'm actually trying to think of something to write for the HTTYD Big Bang right now, and I keep getting stuck on the fact that something has to actually happen. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

As for this story, confusion reigns, but some are moving through it more quickly than others. I don't think Ruffnut even knows why she's really so angry.
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