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Summary: Fishlegs tries to keep up with Ruff.

"Snack time!" Ruffnut called, walking towards the Zippleback.

Scabber and Dash raised their heads and began bouncing in anticipation. Ruffnut tossed the first fish into Dash's waiting mouth, where he gobbled it hungrily. The next one went towards Scabber, but Dash snatched it out of the air.

"Hey, none of that!" she said before the dragons could start fighting. "We're sharing today." Dash growled, she motioned for Scabber to come closer so she could toss the last two fish to him without interruption. "Daddy's busy today, so Auntie Ruff's taking care of you." Scabber rubbed his head against her outstretched hand, and Dash spat out a thin plume of gas. Ruffnut smiled at him. "Quit whining ya baby, we'll play one-on-one later." She tossed the basket to the side and clapped her hands. "All right boys, get it together. We're going solo today."

The Zippleback trilled, then locked their long necks together so Ruffnut could straddle them both. She had just about fixed the harness into place when she heard a dull thud, and turned to see a smiling Fishlegs and Horrorcow blinking up at her.

"Hey Ruff!" Fishlegs said happily.

"Hey Legs," she said, and turned back to the harness. "What're you and the amazing blob up to?"

"Nothing much. Are you going flying?"

"Um, d'oy."

"Can we come?"

Ruffnut shared a look with Scabber and Dash, and settled into place on their neck. "Sure you can," she said, "if you can keep up."

Fishlegs looked at Horrorcow, who as usual looked about two seconds from falling asleep. "Well...we'll give it a try!"

"You do that," Ruffnut said, and took off. She heard Fishlegs cry out behind her, and smirked at the sound.

A few minutes later she realized she could still hear the faint buzzing that accompanied Gronkle flight, and turned around to see Horrorcow meandering haphazardly behind them. When Fishlegs saw her looking, he raised his arm in a cheerful wave. Ruffnut rolled her eyes and turned forward. "All right guys, let's end this." Scabber and Dash looked at each other in delight and dove.

"Hey!" Fishlegs yelled, but he couldn't do anything but try to keep up.

Ruffnut took the dragons down low, weaving through the narrow spaces between buildings, grinning savagely and ignoring any hapless pedestrians they happened to knock out of their way. She laughed as a particularly gratifying crash sounded behind her. Zippleback weren't the best fliers, but even they could out fly a Gronkle.

Or so she thought until she glanced back and saw Fishlegs still doggedly pursuing them, leaning over the saddle with his face set in a mask of concentration. "You don't have to be mean about it!" he yelled at her.

"You don't know me very well, do you?" Ruff called back, then she grabbed the reins and pulled hard, sending the dragons into a straight climb. She howled as they broke the cloudline, and quickly evened them out to try and put some distance between her and Legs.

After a few quiet moments, she guided Scabber and Dash back below the clouds. "Think we lost him?" she asked the dragons, and turned around just in time to catch Horrorcow's snout directly in the gut. Scabber and Dash shrieked in surprise and drew up short as Horrowcow shot forward, taking their rider with her.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay, I'm so sorry, you came out of nowhere!" Fishlegs quickly grabbed Ruffnut's arms as she clung desperately to the saddle horn. "Where's your dragon, we'll get your dragon, we'll -"

Ruffnut started laughing. "That was insane!" she crowed.

Fishlegs paused. "Uh, are you okay?"

"Peachy!" Ruffnut said, still laughing. Horrorcow whiffled at her stomach, and she shrieked and scrambled up the dragon's wide face, clutching at and climbing over Fishlegs until she managed to settle into place behind him. "Oh wow," she said, smiling widely, and reached down to pat Horrorcow. "You got some moves after all, huh girl?" The Gronkle rumbled happily.

Scabber and Dash pulled up beside them, looking concerned. "Don't worry Dash, Momma's all right!" Ruffnut called, settling her hands in place on Fishlegs's shoulders. "You boys go on home, I'll see you there." The Zippleback bobbed their heads, then unzipped their long necks and peeled off.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Fishlegs asked.

"I said I was fine, bonehead. Tuff's hit me a lot harder than that."

"So, we're, uh..." Fishlegs trailed off, then tried again. "Where are we going?"

Ruffnut shrugged. "I don't know fat man, you're in the driver's seat."

"Oh." Fishlegs considered this, and smiled. "Cool."
I was going back through my old stuff, and there seems to be a couple things I didn't post here, so I thought I'd put them up. I couldn't find this one in my gallery. I'm not sure why didn't post it here; probably because it's so short.
taniworks Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Heh. I like it. Short and sweet.
Fishlegs is so genuine. :)
Doom--Kitteh Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
lol, funny stuff xD
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