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Summary: What happens before and after Hiccup and Astrid's wedding.

Astrid hadn't exactly expected this, but in retrospect she probably should have.

"I thought we were friends!" Ruffnut slurred, weaving in place.

"We are, Ruff," Astrid sighed.

"No -- no, we're not!  Friends don't let -- they don't make -- we're not friends!"

"Why not?"

"B-because, yer, yer...what are you doin'?"

"I'm getting married.  To Hiccup.  In about an hour, so..."

"Yeah!  An' I'm s'pose ta be your best friend, but I'm not even in the sssstupid wedding!  That's stone cold, Astrid.  Like a fox."

"You're drunk," Astrid said.

"Yeah!" Ruffnut said, suddenly cheerful.  "It's a party!"

"Exactly.  I mean, look at you," Astrid gestured, and Ruffnut did in fact look down at herself, almost falling forward in the process.  "You can barely stand.  If you were in the wedding party, you'd have to be sober.  I figured you'd rather get drunk."

Ruffnut looked at her for a minute, then smiled widely.  "Yer so smart!" she slurred, and threw her arms around Astrid's neck.  "'M so happy for you.  An' Hiccup's gonna be the, the best wife ever."



"Hiccup is a man."



"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" Fishlegs said as he suddenly appeared in the doorway.  "I took my eyes off her for like, a second."

"She's sneaky," Astrid said, patting Ruffnut on the back.  "We were just talking."

"Fat man!" Ruffnut cried, and spun around.  The momentum sent her straight to the floor.  Both Fishlegs and Astrid leapt for her, but Astrid was hampered by the unusually ornate clothing she was wearing, and Fishlegs got there first.  "Hi there!" she chirped happily, winding her arms around Fishlegs's neck as he scooped her up.

"Okay, we'll just, uh...see you in a while," Legs said, Ruffnut nestled happily in his arms.

"Yes," Astrid said.

"Well, good luck!" he said, and maneuvered carefully out the door.  Astrid heard Ruff cry, "Onward!" as they made their way down the hall, and shook her head.

Then her parents walked in, and Astrid bit back a sigh, because this she had been expecting.

"Well now dearie, this should be the last of it," Bertha said, depositing a wrapped bundle on the dresser as Rotgut went to stand in the corner.  "Now, how are you feeling?"

"Good.  Fine."  Astrid chewed on her lip as her mother adjusted various bits of ornamentation.

"Yes?" Bertha asked.

Astrid nodded.  "Yes.  I'm, I'm happy.  Excited."  She blew a puff of air sharply upwards, sending her bangs flying.  "Nervous."

"Of course you are, dear," Bertha said as she brushed Astrid's hair back into place.  Then she cupped her daughter's face in both hands and gave her a warm smile.  "But remember, this isn't about the ceremony, or the rings.  This is about you and Hiccup.  And I know you're going to be so happy."  She stroked Astrid's cheeks with her thumbs.  "You always worry.  You'll learn that when you and Hiccup have children.  You worry about what's going to happen, about how it's all going to turn out.  I want you to know that your father and I couldn't be prouder of the woman you've become, Astrid."

Astrid blinked back against the sudden stinging in her eyes and threw her arms around her mother.  "Thanks Mom," she murmured into Bertha's ear.

Bertha gave her a squeeze, then stepped back and took the bundle from the dresser.  She unwrapped it to reveal a decorated headdress, in the same style but more adorned than Astrid's usual headband.  She carefully affixed it to her daughter's brow, then moved back to take a look.  "There now, aren't you beautiful."

Astrid ran her hands self-consciously over the fine fabric of her dress, then turned to her father.  "What do you think, Dad?"

Rotgut didn't say anything.

"Oh now, don't be like that," Bertha said as Astrid looked between them in confusion.

He grunted.

"Dad?" Astrid asked tentatively.  "Is everything all right?"

"Don't mind him, dearie, he's been crying himself to sleep every night for weeks."

"I have not!" Rotgut said, his voice breaking.

Astrid's eyes widened.  "Dad?"

His lips trembled, and suddenly Astrid found her lifted off the ground.  "My baby girl's leaving home!" he bawled as he squeezed Astrid to his chest.

"By Thor's hammer, Rotgut, you're worse than a woman.  Do try to keep from suffocating her, would you?"

Rotgut sniffled for several more minutes while Astrid awkwardly patted his elbow, the only part of him she could comfortably reach with her arms pinned to her sides.  He eventually let go and sat down heavily on a nearby bench.  Bertha rubbed his shoulders comfortingly.  "Now then Astrid, there's one more thing we need to think about."


"I've marked the date on my calendar."

"For the...the wedding?  I had assumed you would..."

"Now, I'm willing to give you two about a week's leeway, but nine months from now --"

"Oh gods," Astrid groaned, covering her eyes with one hand.

"You know what I'm expecting from you."

"Yes, Mother, you've been making it abundantly clear for years."

"Just so you know," Bertha said primly.

"Believe me, I know," Astrid said.  Rotgut, watching them both silently, sniffled.


"Hm," Stoick said.

"Rrrr," Toothless added.

"Eh, well, it's..." Gobber said.

"You look...I mean..." Snotlout said.

Tuffnut appeared in the doorway.  He took one look at Hiccup and started laughing.  "Oh man, you look like a grizzly bear's halfway done shitting you out!"

"Thanks for that assessment, Tuff," Hiccup said from underneath his father's massive fur cloak.

Snotlout laughed, and Stoick grunted.  "It was worth a try," he said, whipping the cloak off Hiccup's shoulders.  While Hiccup had appreciated the thought, he personally felt his dad might have been a little blinded by nostalgia.  Even now Stoick was more than twice the width of his son.  It made sharing clothing a bit impractical.

"Looks like we'll have to go with the backup," Gobber said.

"Backup?" Hiccup asked, but then he felt another soft weight descend on his shoulders.  This one, however, was much lighter than his father's cloak had been, and had the added bonus of not swallowing him whole.

"I had it made just in case," Stoick said, clapping Hiccup on the shoulder and then stepping back.

"Thanks, Dad," Hiccup said, then turned so that he was fully facing the other men in the room.  "Well?  Better?"

"Something could be worse than bear shit?" Tuffnut whispered to Snotlout, then cried out as Gobber rapped him sharply on the head.

"Oh, very nice," Gobber said encouragingly.  "You look almost like a real Viking."

"Almost," Lout said.

"So close," Tuff added.

"You look great, son," Stoick said, giving the others a glare.

Hiccup felt something nudge his hand, and turned to stroke Toothless's wide face.  "What do you think, buddy?" he asked.  "It's exciting right?  We're adding a new member to our family."  He abruptly drew his eyebrows together and looked up.  "No wait, that didn't come out right."

"Speaking of that," Stoick said with a gleam in his eyes, "I spoke with Bertha Hofferson earlier.  She wanted me to tell you --"

"Great Odin," Hiccup said as Tuff and Lout began to laugh again.

"-- she'll give you one week's leeway --"

"Please, stop.  I know where you're going with this, really.  I don't need to hear it out loud."

"If you're sure, son," he said, trying not to smile.  Behind him, Snotlout tapped Tuffnut on the arm, then started pelvic thrusting.  Tuffnut snickered.

"Now, there's a few things I wanted to go over with you," Stoick said.  "Marriage is all about respect."

"Oh, I respect Astrid," Hiccup said, trying very hard to ignore Lout's increasing lewd pantomime.

"It's not always going to be easy, either.  I know you're young and everything seems wonderful now, but it can get hard."

"I understand," Hiccup said, trying to discreetly signal for Lout to cut it out already.  "No one's perfect."

Stoick nodded.  "The reason you make this commitment, in front of the gods and your village, is because you love this woman, every part of her.  And she accepted because she feels the same.  It's important to remember that."

"I do love her.  Everything about her," Hiccup said sincerely.  "Excuse me one second?"  He grabbed a nearby shield and flung it at Snotlout, catching him in the face mid air-hump and sending him to the ground with a cry.

"Good shot," Stoick said.  "Gobber, would you mind?"'

"All right you hooligans," Gobber said, grabbing the two young men by the ears.  "You'd think you're still walking around in diapers, the way you two carry on."

"Ow!  Hey!  Why do I get the clamp?" Snotlout yelled as the door slammed behind them.

Stoick sighed, then placed his hands on Hiccup's shoulders.  He stood there for a long moment, just looking at his son.  Hiccup realized he was blinking back tears.  "Oh, Hiccup," he said, "I'm so proud of you."  He drew in a ragged breath, and squeezed Hiccup's shoulders.  "I wish your mother could be here."

"Me too, Dad," Hiccup said, placing a hand over his father's.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, then Stoick abruptly stepped back.  "Well," he said, and cleared his throat.  "We'd best be getting you up there, hm?"

"Yes," Hiccup said, and gulped.  "Yes, we should do that."

Stoick clapped a hand on Hiccup's back again.  "You can do this."

"I can do this.  I can totally do this.  I just have to..."  A large reptilian head bumped into his back, forcing him into motion.  "...walk!  Right, walk forward."

"You keep him on his toes," Stoick whispered to Toothless as they followed after him.


Hiccup didn't really hear anything the village elder was saying.  He didn't notice any of the decorations either.  The only things he was aware of were Astrid, and the pounding of his heart.  He spent the whole time just staring at her.  His bride.  And she looked back, glowing as happily as he had ever seen her.  So he probably missed some things, but he had practiced almost obsessively, and he knew what to say and when to say it, even if he didn't really hear himself.

And then they were married.


After the ceremony meat was eaten, songs were sung, dances resulted into the usual amount of damaged furniture, and entirely too much mead was ingested.  At the end of the night Hiccup had to get Toothless to chase the last few stragglers out.

"Man, what a mess," he sighed, surveying the trashed common area.

A rumpled dress landed at his feet.  "Oops," Astrid said.  "I made it worse."

"No," Hiccup said, walking towards her.  "See, that?  That makes everything better."

Astrid smiled and tugged his shirt over his head when he got close enough.  She ran her hands over his chest and he realized suddenly that he was about to make love to his wife.

"I love you," he said.

Astrid smiled again, so sweetly he thought he would melt.  "I love you too.  But I'd really love it if you dropped the pants."

"Yes ma'am," Hiccup said.


Someone knocked early the next morning.  "Don't answer that," Astrid said immediately.

"Why not?" Hiccup asked, curling around her more tightly.

"Because it's my mother."

"You don't know that."

"I really do."

"It could be someone else."

Astrid paused.  "I guess it could be my dad."

Hiccup frowned.  "Why would your dad be knocking on our door?"

"Apparently he's a lot more sentimental than I realized."

"Well, maybe I'll go check."

"No, you won't," Astrid said, and she was right.

Later, though, after they had eventually pulled themselves out of bed, Hiccup opened the front door curiously.  Whatever he saw made him say, "By the one eye of Odin!"

"What is it?" Astrid called.

"Well, you were right," he called back.  "It was your mother."

"I told you."

Hiccup grunted, then staggered into the kitchen with an enormous basket overflowing with various foodstuffs.  "How many people does she think she's feeding?" he asked.

"By now?" Astrid said.  "She's probably hoping at least three."

"We do only have six more days," he said.

"Mm."  Astrid plucked a berry from the basket, and took a bite.  "Well, we don't want to disappoint her.  I guess we should make sure we're on the right track."

That was a plan Hiccup could definitely get behind.
My goal is to one day post fic so fast, it'll actually be up before I write it.

I should say here that not only did I not look up any actual Viking wedding traditions for this, I blatantly ignored the ones I'm aware of. But hey, it still has as much in common with actual Norse society as the movie.
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when tuffnut told hiccup thats he looked like bear poo, i had to leave the room Blade board 
VeralidaineWildmage Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
I loved how Hiccup threw a shield a Snotlout and all his dad said was "Good shot" XD
ReKoN-z Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
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I think in a story about Hiccup and Astrid getting married, it's fairly evident Hiccup and Astrid are in a romantic relationship.
ReKoN-z Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
ok one question and im sorry i guess but in your story choices befor i read it i wanna know if its ruffstrid
generalzoi Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Like the description says, there will be girlslash (and Astrid and Ruffnut are the only girls, so...) but I'm going to tell you right now that it's more about Astrid and Ruffnut's relationship falling apart than them being happy together, so read at your own risk.
ReKoN-z Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
awwwwwww ok ill read it thank you
ReKoN-z Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
i did not like it i tought this was ruffstrid
generalzoi Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
I'm not in the least bit sorry, because the pairing is listed in the very first line. If you kept reading, you knew what you were in for.
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We don't need no stink' history!
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