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FINAL UPDATE: This version is now out of date! Check out the Full Version here!


If you want to save the pony, you have to take a screenshot. There's not mechanism in this version of the game that lets you do it. If you've never saved a screenshot before, the easiest way to learn is to Google it, because it's different for each operating system.


HEY GUYS, I'm going to be posting progress shots and blurbs about the next version of the Creator on my Tumblr: [link] . Check it out if you want to see how it's coming! If you have any specific questions about the game, you can drop me an ask there (you don't need a Tumblr account to ask questions). If you ask anything here, I probably won't get to it.


I've been informed that it's dA policy that images made with Creators like this need to go in your Scraps if you upload them here. So please scrap 'em! More info here: [link]

If anyone's finding this for the first time and coming from somewhere other than dA, I'd love to hear where you found this.

Also, please don't ask anything about CUTIE MARKS. Seriously. Even if I didn't say near the bottom of this note that they'll be in the next version, I think having 54 people tell me I forgot them is enough.

If you want points or any other kind of "payment", I'm going to have to insist you create your own art instead of using mine. This includes any kind of virtual currency on any site or in any game.

No more suggestions please!! I really appreciate it, guys, but at this point I've got more suggestions than I know what to do with, and they've been getting really repetitive. I am still accepting designs for manes/tails/accessories/etc if you're willing to draw what you want, but unless you're going provide the design yourself I'm already swamped. I do still want to know if there are any bugs in the game or you see an area where the interface could be improved. Otherwise, just trust me to incorporate a lot of the suggestions I've already gotten into the next release!


Sorry guys. I asked for fic prompts, and then promptly ignored them all so I could teach myself Flash coding. But I'm happy with the work I've done, and I hope you enjoy it too!

So! I've gotten into the new My Little Pony show, which is awesome and you should totally be watching. I say this as a staunch feminist and someone who often dislikes stereotypically girly things, so trust me on this.

Anywho, this is my pony creator! There are several similar Flashes floating around done by different people, but I really wanted one that allowed you the option for different body shapes, gender, and expressions. I think I've done a pretty good job of representing everything I wanted to.

A million (billion trillion) thanks to :iconfortheloveofpizza:. She's been cheering me on this whole time and acting as my tester, plus she designed a bunch of custom manes, and traced the manes from the show for me to use! If you like it, be sure to drop her a thanks too.

Also much thanks to :iconyamino: for letting me use some manes and tails she designed as well. All custom manes are marked with a little icon according to who made them, if you're wondering what those are. There are also some manes based on Homestuck characters that are marked appropriately as well.

There are lots of options, so explore! And if you notice anything funky be sure to let me know.

In the future I want to add dynamic posing (because it seems a shame to have such dynamic facial expressions on such a static pose) and, hopefully cutie marks. In fact, that was supposed to be in this version, but I forgot, and after working on this for a month and a half I need a break.

I'm also going to be adding more content in the form of manes, wings, accessories, and anything else I can think of! So check back every once in a while. ;)

Homestuck Andrew Hussie
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Hasbro Studios
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