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After working on this thing for way too long, the Pony Creator app for Android is available in the Google Play store!

ETA 7/20/2016: Due to shenanigans, the app isn't available through Google Play anymore. But it is still available through the Amazon app store here.

I made a Tumblr post talking about the new features, complete with screenshots. Check it out and see if there's anything you like! If you want a peek at the new content my progress shots tag on Tumblr has previews of almost all of the new content.

As a reminder, the app doesn't (yet) have fully customizable posing or eye motion. But it does have head turning, improved posing for the preset poses, and nicer color options. It's also an on-going project. I think I've eliminated most of the bugs, but I'm continuing to try and improve things like performance and usability.

I'll be working on an iOS version next. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me!
So. The only thing left to do in the app is combine all the new content into one Flash file, and then get it through the Android store approval process (iOS and tablet optimized apps will come shortly), along with some other very minor things to take care of.

One of those minor things is that I'd like to add some new preset poses to the game. As I mentioned well over a year ago when I first started working on the app, it won't have fully customizable posing. At least, not yet--I'm exploring ways to add it in a future update. But until that time all poses will be preset, so I'll need a good variety.

So this is my invitation for you to throw any pose you like at me. Just paste the pose code in a comment. Yes, it can be as ridiculous as you want, but keep in mind that I'll be choosing the ones that I think will have the broadest appeal.

I appreciate any and all help!
Thanks to everyone who commented or sent notes/llamas/points/etc. :aww:
I haven't said anything about the app here in months, but it is trucking along. All the art is now complete, and I've updated a bunch of previews at my Tumblr.

New manes (thank you everyone who submitted designs!)
New wings and also scarves
One more hat
New head shapes

We're getting pretty close to release, although I still don't have an exact date yet. As I mentioned when I first started talking about the app (forever and a day ago), it will contain only original content. None of the copyrighted art and designs from Hasbro and the various other cartoons/comcs/etc. will be in the app. This also means that the current backgrounds can't be in the app either. So, I'm looking for a couple of artists to design a few new original backgrounds for me.

The backgrounds can be anything you like, but must be completely original. Since this is for the app, I'd also like to compensate you for your work. So if there's anyone out there who's good at backgrounds, likes the Pony Creator, and wants a little extra cash get in touch with me!
Hey guys! I put up a Flash preview of the new color choosing options at my Tumblr because I'm trying to get feedback on them.

You don't need a Tumblr account to access the Flash file. But if you play with it, please leave feedback here. The Tumblr post has all the information.
Hey guys! I am finalizing the manes to put the app now. That means if you have any requests (NOT from the show or any other cartoons/comics/etc.) now is your last chance to ask for them.

Again, this is just for the app. I'll be adding some new manes from the show in the next online version. But if you want something and can describe it or link to a picture and say, "Maybe something like this," I'll see what I can do. I've played enough with other people's designs for manes that I can make some of my own now. Also, saying, "More male manes," or "More curly manes," isn't enough detail. Gotta give me something more specific to go on. ;)
That Brony Fan Fair journal was pretty out of date. Anyway.

Hey guys! I've had a few people ask for my Skype, but I don't really want to give out my personal info to people I don't know very well. So I made a generalzoi Skype account! I'll only do text chat, but if you want to add me and ask questions or anything you can shoot me something over there.

Fair warning, I am not very chatty since I am usually concentrating on my programming. But I will try to answer!

(P.S. The username is generalzoi if that was not obvious)
Hey guys! I'm going to be at Brony FanFair in Austin, TX this weekend! I'll be presenting at a few panels, and generally just wandering around and talking to people. Here's the panels I'm going to be involved in:

How to Love & Tolerate
Saturday 1PM-2PM, Panel room 2
A friendly, civil discussion of diversity, social justice, netiquette, and what it all means to be a part of the MLP community! Learn what others think about social controversies in the Brony fandom and how we can work together to make the fandom look decent to outsiders!

But That's For Girls!
Saturday 4:30PM-5:30PM, Panel room 2
A discussion about gender, fandom, and why bronies matter, for better or for worse.

Guests Uncensored (18+)
Saturday 9PM-10:30PM, Panel room 2
(AKA the one where I can curse.) Brony Fan Fair Guests of Honor appear on this panel to talk about anything with no limits!

General Zoi Q&A
Sunday 1:30PM-2:30PM, Panel room 1
General Zoi shows off upcoming features for the pony creator and answers your questions! I'll be doing a live demonstration of some new features of the Pony Creator and talking about some of the specifics of the process of developing it.

There's also a banquet soiree (fancy!) and of course lots of other things I'll probably be dropping in on. You can visit the official Brony FanFair site for more information. Pre-registration is closed, but you can register at the door starting Friday evening. If there are any Texan bronies out there, I hope to see you there!
Was I, uh, linked somewhere? I got quite a spike in pageviews yesterday!
Got a bit of an update on my progress at my Tumblr:…
Hey, for anyone who's ever asked me for a MLP style Dragon Creator, Blitzkatze is working on one! Go check out the pre-beta:…
1) Hey guys! The local brony group is setting up an interview with me where I answer questions from different people and hopefully show off some of the things I've been working on. I believe this will be recorded and broadcasted later. The interviewers have gathered a list of questions, but if there's anything you want to know or want to hear me talk/ramble meanderingly about, you can drop a question here and I will totally record myself answering it!

2) I'm currently looking for an artist to help me with the next version of the Pony Creator. I need someone who can visualize and draw the various hairstyles in the game in 3/4s and front view, since you'll be able to turn the pony's head in the next version. This is not the most exciting art job in the world, but I am willing to offer some kind of monetary compensation (exact amount to be determined after I do some more research). If you might be interested in helping me out, you can drop a comment here or note me!
Right, so, I have in fact been working on the Pony Creator app, albeit very slowly. But I've made a Tumblr post about some of the updates if anyone wants to check it out:…
So I might as well start talking about this. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1) The app version will not be the exact same as the online version. The online version will probably have at least a couple things the app version won't; the app version will definitely have some oft requested features that the online version doesn't.
2) The app will cost 99¢.
3) I still don't plan on updating the online version with any of the new features the app will have. I figure if you guys are going to spend some money, you deserve something special for it.

Note: Everything to follow is still tentative and subject to change at this point.

What the app may not have:
1) As many hairstyles as the online version. I won't be putting hairstyles in unless I can get permission from the artists to include them. Unfortunately, this means I may not be able to include hairstyles from the MLP cartoon in the app. I'm actually trying to contact someone at The Hub to see if I can keep them, but without their explicit permission I won't include them. I'm sorry; I know this is a big loss, but I'm hopeful some of the new features will make up for it.
2) Fully customizable posing. There will definitely at the very least be some predefined poses available, but fully customizable posing will depend on whether or not I can figure out a good way to implement it on a tiny touch screen, and whether or not I can improve the admittedly buggy skeleton.

New features the app will (probably) have:
1) Some new hairstyles to make up for the ones I have to remove.
2) The ability to turn the pony's head so that it's facing 3/4s view, front, or backwards. Meaning the pony is looking backwards, not that you can see the back of the head. All these view will be facing the user.
3) More accessories.
4) More options for posing the wings and tail--again, this is dependent on whether or not I can do customizable posing, but either way it will still be incorporated into the poses.
5) A way to quickly and easily save ponies for future editing that is easier to handle than the ponycode.
6) A scene editor that will let you put multiple ponies together a scene.

Finally, there will be ponycode compatibility between both versions of the game. Now, this doesn't mean that you can make a pony in the online version using a hairstyle the app version doesn't have and the hairstyle will magically appear. BUT, if you've already created a pony and want to import it (even if you have to pick out new hair), or if you make a pony in the app and want to use the hairstyles/posing features of the online version, you will be able to do that!

Additionally, because it is a pay app with a built-in way to deliver updates to the users, there's a good possibility I'll release more content and functionality as I go. Because I have lots of ideas, but I don't want to make you guys wait too long for the first version!
So I know most people following me are doing so because of the Pony Creator, but MLP is only one of the fandoms I'm tangentially involved in, and I'd like to talk about another: Portal

Here's the short version: I collect pins. I have MLP pins, Homestuck pins, X-Men pins, Harry Potter pins, video game pins, etc. My ideal goal is to have pins representing most of my fandoms.

However! There are no Portal pins, which is sad because I like Portal a lot. So, inspired by the fan made MLP pins, I thought, "Maybe I should make my own Portal pins!"

What I've learned is that it's only cost efficient to buy pins like that in bulk. What I'm trying to figure out is if I created a set of Portal pins, would anyone else want them too, and be willing to pay for them? I really just want to cover the manufacturing cost, which would only be a few dollars per pin if I order enough bulk designs.

Click here to see 10 pin concepts I've come up with. The concepts aren't finalized yet, but that's roughly what I want to do. The pins would probably be about 1 inch long, made with soft enamel.

If you think this is something you might be interested in, please comment here or on the pin designs. Expressing interest isn't a commitment to buy anything! I'm just trying to figure out if this is worth pursing.

Also, if you know a good place with a lot of video game aficionados to spread the word, please do! I would be very appreciative.
Someone seems to be trying to (ineptly) hack into my account. So if anything weird happens, well, it's probably not me.
I'm thinking it's about time to try my hand at another Flash game. The only thing is, I'm not sure what to do next. Yes, yes, I know I could do a dragon creator or something like that, but I don't really want to. I've done as much as I want to with animal creator games at this point. Every challenge I had set before myself has been conquered; I have felled that particular behemoth, and reaped what spoils I could from its cooling body. It sits as a trophy on my wall. Yes, it's time to move on to fresh challenges.

Just wish I had any idea what those were. So, what would you guys like to see?

EDIT: Guys, I want to make something besides a creator game. I don't care if it's robots or aliens or whatever, they're still creator games.

EDIT AGAIN: People are still posting here every once in a while, so let me add another clarification: I will not consider any games that are based on copyrighted properties. Yes, that includes My Little Pony.
I was so surprised  when I got up this morning, guys. I thought dA had glitched out for a minute there. :D

But thanks to everyone who faved the Pony Creator, or helped spread the word! When I first uploaded the beta, I had no idea it would ever get so big. It's  been a heck of a year, that's for sure.
If someone is selling art from my game? I definitely want to know about that. If someone is breaking the rules I explicitly defined in the description? I want to know that too.

But if someone just wants to pretend they drew an image from the game? And they're not making any kind of profit? Please, just do what I do: roll your eyes and move on. Seriously, check the description. I don't actually say people have to give me credit when they upload images, because that would be impossible to police and it's not worth anyone's effort.

To reiterate: If I specifically disallow something in the description (points adoptables, for-profit images, hosting the game elsewhere, etc.), then feel free to point that out to the person in question or to bring it to my attention. If I don't specifically disallow something in the description, just assume that's because it wasn't worth my time, and consequently isn't worth yours.
Someone got me a three month subscription! Why do you have to be Anon, donator? I want to say thank you!

Also, someone I know only as canterlot created a sweet script to pull all the ponycodes out of the Ponycode Compilation Post, so now I can finally organize them! I'll let you know when it's done.

Thanks to both of you!