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April 9, 2012


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So I might as well start talking about this. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1) The app version will not be the exact same as the online version. The online version will probably have at least a couple things the app version won't; the app version will definitely have some oft requested features that the online version doesn't.
2) The app will cost 99¢.
3) I still don't plan on updating the online version with any of the new features the app will have. I figure if you guys are going to spend some money, you deserve something special for it.

Note: Everything to follow is still tentative and subject to change at this point.

What the app may not have:
1) As many hairstyles as the online version. I won't be putting hairstyles in unless I can get permission from the artists to include them. Unfortunately, this means I may not be able to include hairstyles from the MLP cartoon in the app. I'm actually trying to contact someone at The Hub to see if I can keep them, but without their explicit permission I won't include them. I'm sorry; I know this is a big loss, but I'm hopeful some of the new features will make up for it.
2) Fully customizable posing. There will definitely at the very least be some predefined poses available, but fully customizable posing will depend on whether or not I can figure out a good way to implement it on a tiny touch screen, and whether or not I can improve the admittedly buggy skeleton.

New features the app will (probably) have:
1) Some new hairstyles to make up for the ones I have to remove.
2) The ability to turn the pony's head so that it's facing 3/4s view, front, or backwards. Meaning the pony is looking backwards, not that you can see the back of the head. All these view will be facing the user.
3) More accessories.
4) More options for posing the wings and tail--again, this is dependent on whether or not I can do customizable posing, but either way it will still be incorporated into the poses.
5) A way to quickly and easily save ponies for future editing that is easier to handle than the ponycode.
6) A scene editor that will let you put multiple ponies together a scene.

Finally, there will be ponycode compatibility between both versions of the game. Now, this doesn't mean that you can make a pony in the online version using a hairstyle the app version doesn't have and the hairstyle will magically appear. BUT, if you've already created a pony and want to import it (even if you have to pick out new hair), or if you make a pony in the app and want to use the hairstyles/posing features of the online version, you will be able to do that!

Additionally, because it is a pay app with a built-in way to deliver updates to the users, there's a good possibility I'll release more content and functionality as I go. Because I have lots of ideas, but I don't want to make you guys wait too long for the first version!
this will be EPIC! if apple doesnt approve this can you at least add it to cydia?
I can't wait for this to come out!!!! One question so I have to show ALL paid apps I want to get to my parents and I'm not ready too tell about my love for MLP, so maybe for the first week or something it could be free? If not I'll find a way to get it anyway
Yeah I wish you the best man, awesome app deserves awesome distribution!
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