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August 22, 2011


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Hey guys! I'm going to try this out, because I don't know a better place to put it. Comment on this page to share your ponycodes! Please label them, and I'll periodically go through the comments and update this entry with all the codes.

If your code isn't labeled, I won't add it, because I won't know what it is.

I'll kick things off with the mane six + Big Mac:

Apple Jack: 2S2S000000FEA100FEB19E0040110BF00UN1837000100000I0FAFE73FF7FFF0H107F3FCC004CB2
Fluttershy: 2S2S000010F5FE82FFC49D0030100BB96UN1837000000000G0FEA1C3FF7FFF0G117F3FCC004CB2
Twilight Sparkle: 2S2S000100CE9CEFFEE4D40010164007CUN1837000000000P1320072FE00AE0N117F3FCC004CB2
Rarity: 2S2S000100E0E8FEFFC49D005010091FEUN1837000000000L05F22BAFF7FFF0K107F3FCC004CB2
Pinkie Pie: 2S2S000000FEB0CDFED6BA0020100CBE5UN1837000000000J0FE268FFF7FFF0I117F3FCC004CB2
Rainbow Dash: 2S2S0000207ADAFFFFC49D00001C6006FUN1837000000000O07F3FCCFF7FFF0M107F3FCC004CB2
Big Macintosh: 3L1P1L5000CE3C41FEF49E0270000A01BUI1837000100001U0FEB921FF7FFF1Q107F3FCC004CB2

I will ignore any questions posted here. That's not what this post is for.
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bella50 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Adagio dazzle bW0028SszjS/yIT0A0BkMun18374O3zzvGT//Hd38Vp/C/t//2136vG0041OmHW56Vp/B
ARIA BLAZE bW0028StBN//yIT0A0BkMun18374O05Vp/BNE2R3aVp/C/t//2136vG0041NivO56/Fgu
sonata dusk bW0028SXxZR/yIT0A0BkMun18374O0a0B/p3G1C0aVp/C/t//2136vG0041dW0v56xHHR
the all have the same pose so here 000000000000058000355000357000000343000000000000000000
pikafox Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Oh god.
I tried typing random letters in, and I created this.....thing. *shudders*


pikafox Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
And then I made this by using numbers.
Kill me.

Animefanfoever08 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Name: Shizuka

Create code: 2S2S000210FEFFFF000000031013A3A3AUJ183740800000361000000DD3C3C1N107F3FCC004CB2
Accessorize code: 066CC66066CC6639600003000000700000004E8FBAFFFF8C3960000400000039300004000000
Pose code: 000268065336282079319354016044004346060052305356
Awesomechick2014 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
My pony :D 5K2S000120FEF6000000000000000BB96UN1J3324500100051000000C9FE1A0501000000C9FE1A
PenyPaw Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(This code works)
in one word.. like she is the best pony ever! most fab , most smart , most beatiful i mean syrsly she is so AWESOME! she comunicates with animals way better than fluttershy and she flys faster than rainbow dash. she works in like 30 places because she can do whatever she wants because she can time travel! i mean she is so awesome! and she has cat ears and tails but they were not in cretor but dah? she needs them because she is aweosme neko X3 and she is reeealy smart and lunas sister and she can transform in whatever pony she wants! she can tranform in animals too and she cant die and she is the best. if you try to kill her she will absorb power of moon and protect herself because duh? she did kill princess cellestia together with luna and now she is princess :3 and her name is princess loveshine dusk heart. i know the name is long but she is so aweosme she needs to ahve long name. and her mane turns rainbow when she is happy and it turns blac when she is angry or sad. she has rainbow eyes and yeah. what do you think about her? please no hate she is my favorite oc and she is the best X'3
PixeySticks2 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Celestia and Luna's Long lost sister Equest. Shes Evil: Create: 482R000140FFFEFF00000002301FE0000UN183410H000000G16F00FEFE99CE07107F3FCC004CB2

Back Story: She was separated from her sisters b/c when she was a filly she showed sines of evilness.  She's been in Mainhatten since. She wants to steal the throne of her sisters.
wolfpaws72 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
It's...ze Dazzlings!
Sonata Dusk: 3F28000080A1ECFEFE660000831B70099UP321400H0000008117AAFE0029CC1G107F3FCC004CB2
(not that good but kinda cute) pose:000224000089000000000000000355000000000000000342
I couldn't find that good a mane for Adagio, but-
Adagio Dazzle: 3C2S000080F4FE7DFFC49D00531FE0099UN3C15243000002X1FE8F17EFF7000I107F3FCC004CB2
Aria Blaze: 3F4G000080E0ABFEFE660000831B70099UP321423H000002K1BD17FE38FEC70N107F3FCC004CB2
Watchoo thinks?
satsan2323 Featured By Owner 2 days ago

Nocturna Shadow
Rainbow-sonic111 Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
PewDiePie: 2S2S00002078CDFEFFC49D0000000B7FEUN333300200000191D4FE00FE99001E107F3FCC004CB2

Pose: 000000000104000000235000000273000000000000000000
(This is Pewds' dancing pose!!)

PewDiePie's Vest: 066CC66066CC66066CC6672474C9066CC6604E8FBAFFFF8C066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66
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